YOwZa! Just made the Shrinker from Trim Healthy Mama

BADABING! After scouring the internet the other day, I fell upon so many posts about Trim Healthy Mama! My friend, who I am doing a weight loss challenge with asked me about it last week and..being the researcher that I am…and cheapskate, I found that our library had a copy of their book! Before I dashed off to pick it up, I googled Trim Healthy Mama and Pinterest searched Trim Healthy Mama and YouTube searched THM…#theinternetlovesme. Their youtube videos cracked me up! One of them is of the two of them, Serene and Pearl..sisters..making a drink called the Shrinker…I AM IN!

1. Boil enough water to fill a large coffee mug in which you will steep 4 tea bags of Oolong. Let it cool.

2. Once cooled, pour this tea into a blender along with ½ cup of Unsweetened Almond milk, a couple of generous pinches of Celtic salt, a generous tsp. or two of vanilla, stevia extract to taste (go easy and add more if needed), ½ – 1 tsp. of cinnamon (cinnamon lovers can use more) and cayenne pepper( used 1/4 tsp) to taste. If you have not developed a taste for hot pepper then use black pepper to replace the red for your chai blend. Turn on blender and blend well. This is your SHRINKER concentrate.

3. Once blended, pour the concentrate into a glass 2 quart size canning jar and fill to the top with ice. If you don’t have a 2 quarter, I recommend you get one as it is fun having your day’s quota (2 quarts of deliciousness) in one huge jar. But you can split your concentrate between two quart size canning jars. You can add a bit of water to the concentrate if needed to make the liquid reach the top of the jar, but do make sure there is plenty of ice to keep the SHRINKER thoroughly chilled.

4. Put a lid on the jar, shake well then taste and adjust flavors.

OMG..seriously, I love the taste but am such a wimp when it comes to heat! BUT that being said, if this bad boy will shrink my fat, I am so totally ready to suck it up and deal!

I also didn’t add stevia..I used 1 tsp of coconut sugar. I don’t have stevia..I actually hate stevia..but again..I might just have to get over that too.

Taste buds are singing!♫♫♪♫♫ actually ZINGING! but..I think the Shrinker and I are going to be regular friends!!

Taste buds...zinging!

Taste buds…zinging!

There are so many things about this drink to love!! Cinnamon is known to help regulate your blood sugars, Cayenne is a metabolism booster, Oolong tea helps burn calories and who doesn’t want to do that! Drink up friends! I think tomorrow I might try adding a scoop of my Juice Plus Vanilla complete..and the next day..Coco it up with my Slim and Sassy Chocolate protein…yeah baby!

My next thing is to try their not naughty noodles! zero carbs zero calories…smh..this is fabulous!



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