Lemon Berry Slush 2.0

So before I give you this magical recipe, let me say that in my former “life”, I lived for Sonic’s Happy Hour. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a large container of Sonic ice filled with overwhelming amounts of sugar and just to make you feel better about yourself, they throw in some real strawberries and call it a Lemon Berry Slush!

Enter Trim Healthy Mama. A book that changed my life! Long story short…giving up all white sugar, mostly all gluten, anything that will spike blood sugars. I have lost 15 pounds and as many inches in little more than a few months! The trickiest part for this lifestyle is you also have to give up all artificial sweeteners that…well, basically will kill you! Not a problem for me, because I have always had a reaction to them and have stayed away from them. The sweeteners allowed are stevia, erythritol(for me Swerve, and Xylitol. I have never liked stevia..not in any shape or form…I discovered through this Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle that not only do I NOT LIKE it..it actually makes me angry! Like…UGH angry when I taste it! Through trial and error, I have finally found what works for me. It is a blend, equal parts of Swerve and Xyla(Non GMO) sweeteners. It works for me, and more importantly, it works for my diabetic husband.

Now back to the Lemon Berry Slush! I have remade this into my own..on plan..version which will be hitherto known as Lemon Berry Slush 2.0

The recipe is as follows

Lemon Berry Slush 2.0

Juice of one lemon( I use this one to juice and its amazing)

water to equal 1 cup with juice

2-3 fresh or frozen strawberries

2 T of Swerve/Xylitol mix

7-8 ice cubes

Blend and Enjoy!

Lemon Berry Slush 2.0

Lemon Berry Slush 2.0

You are welcome!


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