the week the leaves began to fall….

We have all been there. You look around and think…”wait, how did I get HERE?” Last week, I pulled out of my driveway and saw for the first time since last autumn, leaves on the ground. We had one week of summer for the most part and it WAS last week! Odd, how it wasn’t the cold temperatures that precipitated the falling of the first leaves, but the nearly unbearable heat! Seems oddly parallel to my life right now.

This morning, I woke up at 2:45 AM…my heart is heavy. Today is September 11. 14 years ago, our world as we knew it changed on what seemed to be the perfect September morning. Skies blue, sun shining, life plodding on…and then evil landed in America on a level we had never seen before! But out of the ashes that day…came a unity that our country had also not seen in a very long time! Sadly, it didn’t last, the fire was too much for our pathetic souls to withstand and we all went back to the status quo. Only it was a new “bar” that had been set, a much lower bar, a bar that divided this country and shredded friendships based on ideology. 14 years later…the heat is still on! And, if you look around you, the fall out still crashing to the ground. The week the leaves began to fall…

I have a little heat in my own world right now. The details of which I will spare you. But, I am watching someone I love fight for his very life…from a distance. Fighting demons that I, too, once faced only, this time…I am powerless to help in the cause. I want to fix it…but it is not mine to fix. I have been asking God, “What can I do to save him?” and the answer is a resounding, “only I, the Lord God, can save him…” so instead, I fall to my knees….The week the leaves began to fall…

I saw a movie this past week called The War Room. It was a call to remember that our enemy is not flesh and blood but the principalities that are unseen yet felt so heavily on our minds and hearts. Satan is out to kill, steal and destroy. He is really good at what he does. But, we have one weapon in this fight. A weapon that is stronger than any arrow he can sling at us. Prayer. Consistent prayer. Crying out to a God who knows us, loves us and wants to fight FOR us! This battle is not a battle we can win on our own. This battle belongs to the Lord! We KNOW who wins in the end! But, in the midst of the fray, we must fall on our knees and let God do what only HE can do…and stay out of the way so HE can do it! It is our only hope…this week, as the leaves continue to fall.




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